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Ethiopian Economics Association

Ethiopian Economics Association

Recent publications

  • The contribution of civil society organizations to the development of Ethiopia
  • Ethiopia’s prospect of meeting the millennium development goals
  • Envisioning A socially Developed Ethiopia
  • Economic consideration for a Renewed Nationalism, Urban development and Urban Land Policy
  • Micro-business Development in Ethiopia, Financing Micro and Small Scale Enterprises in Urban Ethiopia
  • Cereal Productivity in Ethiopia: An Analysis Based on ERHS Data
  • Illness and Choice of Treatment in Urban and Rural Ethiopia
  • Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Childhood Mortality in Ethiopia: An Instrumental Variable Approach
  • Foreign Exchange Rationing and Wheat Markets in Ethiopia
  • The Impact of Proximity to Urban Center on Crop Production Choice and Rural Income: Evidences from Villages in Wollo, Ethiopia
  • Poverty Analysis of Children in Child Headed Households in Addis Ababa
  • Road Sector Development and Economic Growth in Ethiopia
  • Infrastructure and Agricultural Growth in Nigeria
  • Causal Links among Saving, Investment and Growth and Determinants of Saving in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia
  • Urbanization and Fertility Rates in Ethiopia
  • Economic implications of foreign exchange rationing in Ethiopia
  • Spatial price dynamics and pricing conduct of wheat markets in Ethiopia
  • Decision-making under risk: evidence from northern Ethiopia
  • The dynamic links between investment, trade and growth: evidence from Ethiopia
  • Determinants of Vertical and Horizontal Export Diversification: Evidences from Sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia