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Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Casual Relationship between Economic Growth and Gross Domestic Savings: Case of Ethiopia
Tax Reform in Ethiopia & Progress to Date
Contribution of Foreign Direct Investment to the economic Growth of Sub-Saharan African Countries
Is Good Economic Policy Good for the Poor?
Globalization - its promises and perils To the Ethiopian Economy
Local Perspectives on poverty and development
Determinants of Ethiopia's Export Performance: an Econometric investigation
Elasticity of Urban Poverty with Respect to Growth and Distribution: Panel Data Analysis
The 'Emerging' Global commodity chain: Winter Ethiopian coffee?
Income Strategies, Access to Infrastructure and services, and Welfare in the Highlands of Northern Ethiopia
The relationship between import and GDP growth in Ethiopia: an Empirical Analysis
Economic Policy Reform and The poor in Rural Ethiopia: the case of ADA district
Affordability and willingness to pay for Improved Water Supply: the Case of Nazreth Town
Agricultural Growth and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia
Households' willingness Resettle and preference to forms of compensation for Improving Sulum Areas in Addis Ababa
Social Fund and Poverty Reduction with Reference to the Ethiopian Social rehabilitation and Development Fund (ESRDF)
Market Access and Marketing of Tef: the case of West Shewa zone
Attending School, Two "Rs" and child work in Rural Ethiopia
Ethiopian peasants and Development
The Determinates of primary school enrolment in Ethiopia: evidence from Tree Household surveys