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Research Reports

, Industrialization and industrial policy in Ethiopia: research report
Yohannes Ayalew, Inflow of foreign exchange to monetary policy and sustained balance of payment in Ethiopia
Berhanu Nega, Introduction: Development Options for Ethiopia: Rural, Urban or Balanced?
Eshetu Chole, Issues of vertical Imbalances in Ethiopia's Emerging system of Fiscal Decentralization
, Land Tenure and agricultural Development in Ethiopia
Taye Mengistae, Market reform and manufacturing public enterprises
Abiy Hunengawb, Natural Gas, the Objective source of energy to complement liquid Fuels
Tibebu Debebe, Policy challenges for urban growth and balanced Territorial Development
Admit zerihun and getachew belaty, Private sector development in Ethiopia: an assessment of the enabling environment and incentive structure
Gulilal debede, Privatization and public enterprise reform: modalities and sequencing
, Problems and prospects facing the financial sector in Ethiopia's stabilization and adjustment program
Abu GIrma, Public enterprise reform in the utilities sector in Ethiopia
Getachew Yoseph, public enterprises and privatization: review of experiences
Solomon Wole, Reform in the industrial sector public enterprises
Kuma Tirfe, Reform in trade and service sectors
Geraud MAGRIN, Rural Development and Urbanization
Amsale Tsehaye, Structural adjustment and legislation: a lawyer's View
shewaye Tesfaye, The challenges of Urban Management in Ethiopia
Kibe Moges, The conceptual Frame work for Fiscal Decentralization
Girma seyom, The financial sector in Ethiopia: problems and views on privatization of the sector