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Proceedings of the Tenth Annual conference on the Ethiopian economy
Some issues on industrialization Strategy
The Performance of Private Industry and the role of the state
The Trade-off between Unemployment and inflation in Ethiopia
Evaluation of Ethiopian Economic Reform Programme
High Food selectivity: an overlooked cause of food insecurity in Ethiopia
Gender inequalities in the Ethiopian Public sector
Market Access and Food Security in the pastoral area of Ethiopia
The Prospects and Problems of Small-Scale Irrigation schemes in Alleviating Poverty: the experience from Tigray
Towards explaining some Distortions in Agriculture- Industry intersectoral Linkage
Inter-sectoral Linkage in the Ethiopian Economy: a social accountinng matrix (SAM) approch.
Agricultural growth, Population, and Environmental nexus.
The interconnectedness of Environmental management and Sustainable Development
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Integrated solid waste management in Addis Ababa
Population pressure, Agricultural intensification and soil fertility management strategies
Market imperfections and farm Technology adoption Decisions
Recent experience in land rental markets in Ethiopia
Soil degradation, Poverty and farmers willingness to invest in soil conservation
Impediments to poverty reduction in Ethiopia: economic growth, distribution and Policy
Linkages in the Ethiopian Manufacturing industry
The Doha development agenda, trade facilitation and its implications for Ethiopia : challenges and Opportunities