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International conference

Footwear Clusters In Addis Ababa
Seasonality In Income, Expenditure And Food Deficiency : The Case Of Four Rural Villages In Ethiopia
Informal risk sharing strategies and poverty dynamics in rural Ethiopia: longitudinal Analysis
Privatization And Its Influence On Deficits
Impact Of Cash Cropping And Perennial Crops On Food Crop Production And Productivity.
Determinants of urban poverty: the case of Debre Markos
Tourism In Ethiopia: Quo Vadis?
Investors' willingness to pay for urban Land: The case of Addis Ababa city
Hunger, Poverty and Famine in Ethiopia: Mothers and Babies under Stress
Population pressure, Agricultural intensification and soil fertility management strategies
Problems and prospects of implementing VAT in Ethiopia
Trends of Ethnic Conflicts in post 1991 Ethiopia
Market imperfections and farm Technology adoption Decisions
On the Determinants of Domestic Saving in Ethiopia
Elite consolidation, Peace Development and Democracy
Recent experience in land rental markets in Ethiopia
Assessment on the Value Added Tax implementation in Ethiopia
Impediments to poverty reduction in Ethiopia: economic growth, distribution and Policy
Soil degradation, Poverty and farmers willingness to invest in soil conservation
The role of official Development Assistance (ODA) in Economic Development: the Case of South Korea
The Doha development agenda, trade facilitation and its implications for Ethiopia : challenges and Opportunities
Linkages in the Ethiopian Manufacturing industry
Governance, Economic Environment and international competitiveness in Ethiopia
Migration, Urban-Rural Linkages and Poverty in Ethiopia
Garment enterprises in Ethiopia: Enterprise management of State-Owned Cotton /Textile/