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International conference

The Impact Of External Debt On Economic Growth In Ethiopia
The law and practice of decision - making in the world trade organization
Enhancing social accountability through community empowerment: the case of citizen report card in Ethiopia
An Overview Of The Economic Development Of South Korea
Demographic and socio-economic challenges of women petty traders in Arada and Addis Ketema sub cities
Food aid and its impact in Ethiopia
Economic Culture Of Tigray
Estimates of consumer demand parameters for Ethiopia
Social accountability and the role of civil society in Ethiopia
Intergenerational Transfer Of Poverty/ Wealth In Ethiopia
Exploring the link b/n exchange market pressure and monetary policy in Ethiopia
Impact assessment of Rainwater Harvesting ponds: the case of Alaba Woreda , Ethiopia
Rural Human Resources And Relative Poverty
Evaluating the effects pf microfinance service on urban poverty reduction: the case of Arada Sub-city
Prospects and challenges of water supply and sanitation in Ethiopia with respect to MDGs.
Power, Poverty And Wealth In Rural Ethiopia
Macroeconomic implications of financial market liberalization in Ethiopia
An appraisal of the nine basin initiative in the alleviation of Ethiopia food insecurity and environment degradation
Challenges Of Implementing The Productive Safety Net Programme (Psnp)
Influence of credit constrain on production efficiency
Valuing water supply service improvements in Addis Ababa
Integrated solid waste management in Addis Ababa
A Simultaneous Random Effect Model Of Poverty And Child Bearing: Evidence From Ethiopia
Some thoughts in the socio-economic engineering if fragile state in Africa: the case of Uganda
Application of natural resource accounting to the forest resources of Ethiopia: case of Shashemene forest