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The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)/ESSP

15th International Conference Session Organizers Papers and Abstracts, July 20 - 22, 2017

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The future of agriculture in Ethiopia 

Bart Minten

Evolving agricultural markets 

  Resilience and the role of safety nets  Resilience and the role of safety nets 
  Paul Dorosh Natural resource constraints and CGE simulation results 
  Kalle Hirvonen  The role of transaction costs in 'cash versus food' debate: Evidence from the Ethiopian Productive Safety Net Program
The economics of livestock systems  Getachew A. Abegaz The consumption of animal source foods: Patterns and dynamics 
  Feiruz Yimer The Rising costs of animal source foods and of diet diversity in Ethiopia: Evidence and implications 
  Agajie Tesfaye Adoption status of dairy technologies in the Oromia region 
  Fantu Bachewe Cattle prices in Ethiopia: Trends, quality premiums and associates 
FTF – learning agenda  Guush Berhane Safety nets, asset growth and poverty transitions: Any roles for safety nets to lift the poor out of poverty? Evidence from Ethiopia
  Mehari Hiluf Do PSNP transfers crowd-out private transfers? 
  Fanaye Tadesse Pathways Less Explored: Locus of Control and Technology Adoption 
  HelinaTilahun and Bart Minten

Big cities, small towns, and poor farmers: Evidence from Ethiopia 

  Seneshaw Tamru 

Tracking the “value” in agricultural value chains: The case of washed coffee in Ethiopia

  Mekdim Dereje

The rapid – but from a low base – uptake of agricultural mechanization in Ethiopia: Patterns, implications and challenges 

  Hosaena Ghebru

Land access and youth livelihood strategy in Ethiopia: The role of land rental markets 

  Guush Berhane, Kalle Hirvonen, Thomas Woldu

Assessing health information systems in Ethiopia: evidence from child health records in PSNP kebeles. 

  Gashaw T. Abate and Kibrom A. Abay

Measurement Errors in Self-Reported Land Area and Production: Implications on Farm Size—Productivity Analysis


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