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16th International Conference papers and Abstracts

Individual Papers

Abdella Kosa and Idris Mohammad 

Farmers Market Access and Cash crop Adoption

Arega Shumetie and Abebe Ambachew Backward Linkage of Agriculture with the Urban Sector in Eastern and Central Ethiopia
Bedilu Demissie, Adem Kedir, Hussien H. Komicha, Sisay Asefa

Determinants of Adopting Improved Bread Wheat Varieties (IWVs) in Central Highland of Ethiopia

Benat Mohammed,  Amin Mussa and Ramakrishna,  Gollagari

Impact of Trade Costs on Export Performance of Ethiopia 

Beyene Gizaw

Situation Assessment on Local Economic Governance for the Private Sector in Ethiopia

Dawit Diriba Guta Factors Affecting Household Adoption of Solar Energy Technology in Rural Ethiopia

Dawit W. Mulatu, Tiruwork Arega and Siikamäki,  Juha

Valuing Wild Pollination Ecosystem Services to Crop Production in Ethiopia

Delelegne Abera (Dr. ), Jos Bijmanb (Dr.), Maja Slingerlandb (Dr.)., Veldeb, Gerben van der  (Dr.)and Prof. Onno Beer Multinationals Enhance Agricultural Commercialization in Africa

Endeshaw Habte H/Michael

Explaining Maize Productivity Gap 

Fassil Tassew Tadesse

Modelling the Undiscovered Gross Domestic Product

Ferhana Jelaludin

Future Trends of Foreign Trade of Ethiopia

Fetene Bogale Hunegnaw (PhD)

Foreign Bank Entry and Issues of Efficiency, Stability and Economic Growth

Haftu Kelelew, Abbadi Girmay and Jema Haji

Determinants of Smallholder Farmers’ Adaptation Strategies against Climate Change Stresses in Raya Azebo District, Northern Ethiopia

Hassen Azime and Ramakrishna, Gollagari

The Influence of Agricultural Sector in improving the overall-tax Revenue Performance of Ethiopia

Hikma Abdu Aman

The Nexus of Export, Domestic Demand and Economic Growth in Ethiopia

Kide Gebru Tesfay

Determinants of Farmers’ Adaptation Decision to Agro-biodiversity Loss

Kumadebis Tamiru
Kumadebis Tamiru The Macroeconomic Determinants of Multidimensional Poverty in East Africa

Melkamu Tadesse Wazza (Dr.)

Does Dairy Feed Technology adoption in Ethiopia have an impact on milk production? Impact Estimation with Matched Difference-in-Differences Technique

Menasbo Gebru Tesfay Impact of Land Rental on Smallholders’ Commercialization Evidence from Northern Ethiopia

Mengesha Yayo Negasi (PhD fellow)

Dynamics of Inequality in Child Health Outcomes in Ethiopia

Negese Tamirat

Adoption and Impact of Row Planting of Wheat Crop on Household Livelihood
Aquilas, Nkwetta Ajong

Testing the Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis for the Depletion of Natural Resources in Sub-Saharan African Countries

Robel Meskele

Unemployment Duration and Impact Evaluation of Active Labor Market Programs

Samson G/silasie G/rufael

Dynamics of Technology Gaps between OECD and African Nations
Schinaia, Giulio

Labour Market Effects of Social Programmes

Seid Sani and Biruk Kemaw

Analysis of Households Food Insecurity and its Coping Mechanisms in Assosa Zone of Western Ethiopia

Sisay Asefa, PhD

Rebuilding the Ethiopian Nation State for the future to become Economic power of the Horn of Africa

Terefe Admaw Bekure

Determinants of Child Labour Exploitation and its Impact on Their Educational Achievement in South Western Ethiopia

Tesfaye Etensa Guta

Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Ethiopia

Theophile T. Azomahou, Yoseph Y. Getachew, Eleni A. Yitbarek

Share the Love

Tizita Gebeyehu Yismaw

Determinants of Private Saving in Ethiopia

Zewdie Habte, Belaineh Legesse, Jema Haji and Moti Jaleta

Impact of Industrial Policy on the Regional Economy in Ethiopia