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Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Institutional Analysis of Water Management on Communal Irrigation Systems In Ethiopia: The Case Of Atsbi Wemberta Woreda, Tigray Region And Ada'a Woreda, Oromiya Region
Urban Energy Transition And Technology Adoption: The Case Of Tigrai, Northern Ethiopia
Single versus Multiple Objective(S) Decision Making: An Application to Subsistence Farms In Northern Ethiopia
Financing the Poverty Millennium Development Goals in Ethiopia
Rainfall Variability and Off-Farm Labor Supply
Measuring Vertical Price Transmission In A Deregulated Ethiopian Coffee Marketing Chain: Tvec Approach
Education, Development And The Mdgs In Sub-Saharan Africa - The Foundations Of Educational Policies And Some Estimations On The Benefits Of Post-Primary Education In Ethiopia
Determinants of Economic Migration from Pastoral Areas: The Case Of Somali Region Of Ethiopia
Determinants of Child Malnutrition in Ethiopia
Enhancing Market Orientation of Smallholders: Lessons from Market Orientation Of Households In Selected Grains In Ethiopia
Remittance Inflows In Ethiopia And Country Experiences: the Practice And The Potential For Improvement
The Transformation of the Commons: Coercive and Non-Coercive Ways
Financing Urban Infrastructure in Ethiopia
The Need for Integrated Natural Resource Management (Inrm) In Refugee Settlement Areas: The Case of Eritrean Refugees in Shimelba Camp of Ethiopia
Public Enterprises Restructuring And Privatization: Issues And Bottlenecks of Implementation In Developing Countries With A Particular Emphasis on Ethiopia
Institutions in Protected Areas (Pas) Management in Ethiopia: Evolution, Outcomes and Drivers of Institutional Changes
The Potentiality Of Islamic Banking In Ethiopia: The Islamic Society's Perception In Jimma
Risk Aversion Behavior of Farmers and The Role Of Credit Usage In Kobbo District Of Ethiopia
Proceedings of the Tenth Annual conference on the Ethiopian economy
The effects of Rapid growth of Population on socio-economic Development in Ethiopia
Some queries about the debate on Land Tenure in Ethiopia