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Proceedings of the Sixth Annual conference on the Ethiopian economy
Training Needs and Approaches from the Informal Sector in Africa: A Brief Overview
Small-scale Enterprises in Ethiopia: Adding a Sociological Dimension to Economic Research
The Reform Process and the Role of Associations in the Development of Small-scale Enterprises
The Links between Small-scale and Large-scale Industries in Ethiopia: Structures, Problems and Prospects
Factor Intensity and Efficiency of SSIs in Ethiopia
A Comparative Analysis of the Development of Small-scale Industries in Region 14 with Other Regions
Investment Policy and Patterns of Small-scale Enterprises Investment in Ethiopia
Financing Micro and Small-scale Enterprises in Urban Ethiopia
Micro-Business Development in Ethiopia
Constraints to Women Entrepreneurs in the Informal Sector: the case of women traders in addis Ababa markets.
Small-scale Grain Milling Industry in Ethiopia: A Survey
Entrepreneurial Networks and Innovation in Ghana
Small-scale Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development in Ethiopia: concepts, Definitions and Major Issues
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Fiscal Effects of Aid in Ethiopia
Needs-Based Allocation of Health Resources: An Option To Consider In Ethiopia
Children's Educational Completion Rates and Dropouts in the Context of Ethiopia's National Poverty Reduction Strategy
The Development and Economics of Education in Ethiopia
Economic Valuation of Preferred Traits of Cattle in Central Ethiopia
Economic Analysis of Farmers' Preferences for Crop Variety Traits Using a Choice Experiment Approach: Lessons for On-Farm Conservation and Technology Adoption in Ethiopia
Does Asset Index Measure Economic Status Of Households Better In Developing Countries? Evidence from Urban Ethiopia