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Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Effect of Non-farm Income on Household Food Security in Eastern Tigrai, Ethiopia: An Entitlement Approach
Informal Land Markets and Efficiency in Rice Production in West Amhara Region: the Case of Fogera District
Social Protection in Africa: Lessons from Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi
Determinants of Child Health Status: Empirical Evidence from Rural Ethiopia
Effect of Individual, Household and Village Characteristics on Child Immunization in Rural Ethiopia
Socioeconomic Determinants of Infant and Child Mortality in Rural Ethiopia
A Preliminary Assessment of the Social and Environmental Implications of Agrofuels Development in Ethiopia and the Need for Social and Environmental Standards
Education as a Means of Rural Transformation through Smooth Rural-Urban Migration: Some Evidences from Ethiopia
Business Environment In Higher Education: The Perception Of Thirty Private Higher Education Business Firms In Addis Ababa
The Contribution of Major Export Commodities of Ethiopia to the Volatility of the Country's Export Earnings
Determinants of Urban Poverty: Evidence from Ethiopian Urban Household Survey 1994-2004
How Sensitive Are Poverty Measures To The Choice Of Equivalence Scale And Unit Of Analysis? Evidence from Urban Ethiopia
Remittances and Household Welfare: Longitudinal Evidence from Urban Ethiopia
The Possible Effect of Ethiopian Trade in Service Liberalization on Welfare: A CGE Simulation Exercise
The Dynamics of Inflation in Ethiopia: a Case of Food Markets, 1965-2006
Economic Shocks and Early Childhood Nutritional Achievements: A Case in 20 Villages of Rural and Urban Ethiopia
Loan Repayment, Rationing and Borrowers Screening In Micro-Finance Credit: The Case of the Oromia Credit and Savings Share Co. (Ocssco) In Kuyu, Ethiopia
Poverty and Access to Credit in Rural Ethiopia: Empirical Evidence from Coffee-Growing Households
Optimal Policy Mix In Ethiopia
The Effect of Drought on Urban Poverty: The Case of Addis Ababa