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Proceedings of the Seventh Annual conference on the Ethiopian economy
Returns to schooling in Ethiopia: The case of the formal Sector
Returns to College Education in Ethiopia Financial institutions
Changes in the urban Labor market and private rates of return to education in Ethiopia: 1990-1997
Skilled Labor Migration from Developing Countries
Human Resource in Economic development
Human Resources Management in the Ethiopian Public Sector
Agricultural Manpower Training in Ethiopia
The Pros an Cons of the human Development index
Second and Third Level Manpower demand Projections (1994 - 2000)
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Smallholder Banana Marketing In Southern Ethiopia: A Transaction Cost Economics Perspective
Dairy Marketing Chains Analysis: The Case of Shashemane-Yergalem Milk Shed, Southern Ethiopia
Institutions, Sustainable Land Use and Welfare: The Case of Forest and Grazing Lands in Northern Ethiopia
Spatial Integration of Coffee-Growers Markets in Ethiopia
Adoption and Continued Use of Improved Maize Seeds In Central Ethiopia
Climate Change Impacts and Responses in the Southern Lowlands of Ethiopia
Implications of Accelerated Agricultural Growth on Poverty in Ethiopia: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis
Seed, Fertilizer, and Agricultural Extension in Ethiopia
Foreign Exchange Rationing, Wheat Markets and Food Security in Ethiopia
Farmers' Organisations in Africa: Lessons from Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi
Policy and Institutional Analysis of Smallholder Indigenous Cattle Production In Dano District Of Western Showa, Ethiopia