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Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Africa in the age of Globalization
Factor price and Agricultural Production in Sub-Saharan Africa
The Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector: Structure, Growth and Efficiency
How Hokkaido Become the largest Rice producer in Japan: implications for Agro based Development strategies in Africa
Globalization and Africa's Development Agenda from the WTO to NEPAD
Technical Efficiency of peasant farmers in Northern Ethiopia: a stochastic frontier approach
Economic Growth and investment Nexus in Ethiopia
Quadratic Food Engel Curves with Measurement Error: evidence from a budget survey
Cooperation and cooperatives: Their Roles in Socio-Economic Development A Theoretical framework
The food security Role of Agriculture in Ethiopian: a household level analysis
The Spread of Economic Doctrine in Postcolonial Africa
Poverty and Food security in Ethiopia: some evidence from Wollo
Private Sector Development in Ethiopian Particularly small Business Development in Ethiopia /An entrepreneurial approach /
Irrigation Practices, State Intervention and Farmer's Life-worlds in Drought-prone Tigray
Privatization and Efficiency in the Ethiopian Manufacturing Industry
Water and Regional Security in North Eastern Africa
The Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector: Competitiveness and the way ahead
African Regional Organizations and Economic Development
The prospects for Industrialization in Ethiopia
Judicial reform for harnessing Economic growth and development