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Invitation to a Training on “Demand and Food Security Analysis”

Invitation to a Training on

“Demand and Food Security Analysis”


Organized by: IFPRI and EEA, Addis Ababa

Date: January 1 and 2, 2019


Venue: EEA, Addis Ababa


The training is organized by IFPRI-ESSP and EEA. The training provides an insight how to estimate demand function and food security analysis.


Objective: What we can do using household consumption expenditure data


Topics that will be covered during the training will include:


Day 1) Theoretical and technical aspects of estimation of systems of demand equations


Part a) Morning: Theory and paper discussion

  • Introduction:
  • Demand functions,Engel Curve
  • Almost Ideal Demand System
  • Quadratic Almost Ideal Demand System
  • Application: paper presentation on the Demand for Animal Sourced Food (ASF)


Part b) Afternoon:  How to estimate demand functions using Stata (ASF Results)

  • Simple demand estimation
  • Estimation of AIDS models
  • Estimation of QUAIDS models


Day 2) Analysis of consumption patterns and Food Security (FS)(Based on a work in progress paper)

Part a) Morning: Consumption patterns and Food Security (FS)

  • Decomposition analysis: theory and methods 
  • An application of decomposition analysis: paper on diet transformation
  • Paper on food security(work in progress)


Part b) Afternoon: Analysis of Food Security using Stata (FS Results)

  • Application of decomposition methods in identifying the determinants of food security/insecurity

Participants are expected to have taken a minimum of BA level course in economics/statistic/development studies. We will assume that you have some knowledge of multivariate calculus, intermediate econometrics and Stata skills. If you are familiar with household data analysis, you will benefit a lot from the training.Participants are also expected to come with their laptops to practice some examples. Light refreshment will be provided for the training days.


Anyone who fulfills the above criteria should send their CV and confirm participation by sending an e-mail to Ethiopia Abate at eatemesgen@gmail.comor by calling 0115-318131 on or before December 15, 2018. Please be informed that due to limited space we will take your confirmations on “first come first serve” basis.