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Price Determinants of Washera Sheep at Yilemanadensa and Quarit Districts of Amhara Region, Ethiopia


The study aims at analyzing sheep price variation and identifying factors affecting Washera sheep price. Animal characteristic, season and buyer purpose data were collected at Yilemanadensa and Quarit markets from October 2004 to April 2010. A total of 1185 transactions were recorded. A descriptive statistics was used to analyze price variations between the two markets and sex categories across months. A multiple regression model was used to identify factors influencing sheep price that are taken as a dependent variable is affected by animal characteristics (such as sex, age, weight, and color), season and body condition. Month-to-month price variations were recorded corresponding to animals' sex and markets. At Quarit market, Price of sheep was negatively and significantly affected by marketing season (Christmas). The body weight of sheep has a positive and statistically significant effect on price of sheep. The marginal price of sheep was increased in body weight, in turn encourageing sheep fattening at market accessible district, Yilemadensa market. The coefficient of dummy variables categories representing animal characteristics such as sex, age, and color has shown statistically significant price discount and/or premium at all markets. The study recommends that measure on sheep productivity, improving infrastructure (transporting and communication) and market information system could enhance gains generated from sheep production

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Worku Gebeyehu & Demirew Getachew (Editors); Ethiopian Economic Association. Bahir Dar Chapter
Ethiopia Economics Association (EEA)
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Washera Sheep,

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Price Determinants,

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Ethiopia Ama?ra kelel - Yilemanadensa and Quarit districts,
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Animal characteristics
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330.963 PRO 2012
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Proceedings of the Third Regional Conference of the Amhara Regional State Economic Development
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Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Regional Conference of the Amhara Regional State Economic Development
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