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Institutions in Protected Areas (Pas) Management in Ethiopia: Evolution, Outcomes and Drivers of Institutional Changes
Fuel efficient technology adoption in Ethiopia: evidence from improved " MIRT" stove technology : a cae in selected Kebeles from " Adea " Woreda Easter Shoa zone
The Potentiality Of Islamic Banking In Ethiopia: The Islamic Society's Perception In Jimma
Optimal Policy Mix In Ethiopia
Determinants of crop mixes grown on household farms in Northern Ethiopia
Risk Aversion Behavior of Farmers and The Role Of Credit Usage In Kobbo District Of Ethiopia
The Effect of Drought on Urban Poverty: The Case of Addis Ababa
Productivity And Efficiency Of Agricultural Extension Package In Ethiopia.
Repatriation and squatting: the case of returnees from Eritrea to Kore
Aid And Public Expenditure In Africa
Learning Experiences Of Farmers Field School On Integrated Nutrient Management
Housing and urban (Re) development schemes in Ethiopia: implications for female - headed households in A.A
Determinants Of Foreign Direct Investment In Ethiopia
Creative Selection And Integration Of Farming Practices
Missed opportunities in adopting HIV /AIDS preventive behaviors among taxi drivers and their assistants in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Overview If Remittance In Ethiopia
Comparative Analysis Of In-Situ Conservation Costs Of Forest Coffee In South Western Ethiopia
Intra-Household gender - bias in child education spending in rural Ethiopia: panel evidence
Measuring The Real Exchange Misalignment Of Ethiopia
Measurement and sources of technical inefficiency in Ethiopian manufacturing industries
Determinants of Child schooling progress in rural Ethiopia
Private Commercial Banks In Ethiopia
Ethiopian road transport development
Patterns of public health expenditures and efficiency in Africa : implications for policy
Business Process Outsourcing: Prospects For Ethiopian Economy