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Remittances and Household Welfare: Longitudinal Evidence from Urban Ethiopia
Commercialisation of farming in Ethiopia: which pathways?
Economic Valuation of Preferred Traits of Cattle in Central Ethiopia
The Possible Effect of Ethiopian Trade in Service Liberalization on Welfare: A CGE Simulation Exercise
Does Asset Index Measure Economic Status Of Households Better In Developing Countries? Evidence from Urban Ethiopia
Economic Analysis of Farmers' Preferences for Crop Variety Traits Using a Choice Experiment Approach: Lessons for On-Farm Conservation and Technology Adoption in Ethiopia
The Dynamics of Inflation in Ethiopia: a Case of Food Markets, 1965-2006
Urban Energy Transition And Technology Adoption: The Case Of Tigrai, Northern Ethiopia
Institutional Analysis of Water Management on Communal Irrigation Systems In Ethiopia: The Case Of Atsbi Wemberta Woreda, Tigray Region And Ada'a Woreda, Oromiya Region
Economic Shocks and Early Childhood Nutritional Achievements: A Case in 20 Villages of Rural and Urban Ethiopia
Financing the Poverty Millennium Development Goals in Ethiopia
Single versus Multiple Objective(S) Decision Making: An Application to Subsistence Farms In Northern Ethiopia
Loan Repayment, Rationing and Borrowers Screening In Micro-Finance Credit: The Case of the Oromia Credit and Savings Share Co. (Ocssco) In Kuyu, Ethiopia
Measuring Vertical Price Transmission In A Deregulated Ethiopian Coffee Marketing Chain: Tvec Approach
Rainfall Variability and Off-Farm Labor Supply
Poverty and Access to Credit in Rural Ethiopia: Empirical Evidence from Coffee-Growing Households
Education, Development And The Mdgs In Sub-Saharan Africa - The Foundations Of Educational Policies And Some Estimations On The Benefits Of Post-Primary Education In Ethiopia
Determinants of Economic Migration from Pastoral Areas: The Case Of Somali Region Of Ethiopia
Determinants of Child Malnutrition in Ethiopia
Enhancing Market Orientation of Smallholders: Lessons from Market Orientation Of Households In Selected Grains In Ethiopia
Remittance Inflows In Ethiopia And Country Experiences: the Practice And The Potential For Improvement
The Transformation of the Commons: Coercive and Non-Coercive Ways
Financing Urban Infrastructure in Ethiopia
The Need for Integrated Natural Resource Management (Inrm) In Refugee Settlement Areas: The Case of Eritrean Refugees in Shimelba Camp of Ethiopia
Public Enterprises Restructuring And Privatization: Issues And Bottlenecks of Implementation In Developing Countries With A Particular Emphasis on Ethiopia