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International conference

Unemployment in Urban Ethiopia: determinants and Impact on Household Welfare
Health Expenditure Tracking In Ethiopia: results from Four Rounds of NHA Exercises
Impact of Foreign Remittance on Household Wellbeing: the Case of Gondar City, Ethiopia
The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Poverty in Ethiopia: A Computable General Equilibrium Micro Simulation Analysis
The Dynamics of Poverty and Vulnerability in Rural Ethiopia: a Nonlinear Panel Data Analysis
Extent and Determinants of Urban Poverty: anthropometric Analysis in Robe and Goba Towns
Factors Affecting Household Food Gaps: a Case in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia
Disparities in Public Service Provision in Niger: Cross-Department Evidence on Primary Schools and Healthcare
Determinants of Trade in Services in Africa: A Gravity Model Approach
Vertical and Spatial Integration of Live Animal and Meat Markets in Ethiopia
Asymmetric Farm-Retail Price Transmission in the Marketing of Vegetables: A Case Study on Selected Areas from Central and Eastern Ethiopia
Clientelism In Ethiopian Grain Markets: Opportunity Or Threat?
Techno-Economic Standing of Solar Thermal Technologies below 100 c
Road Transport and Traffic System, and Safety Problems In Ethiopia: The Two Decades Experiences
Which Sector Should Lead In Ethiopia? Industry or Agriculture?
Is Non-Farm Income Relaxing Farm Investment Liquidity Constraints For Marginal Farms? An Instrumental Variable Approach
Health Services, Poverty, Markets and Linkages
Demand for Traditional Health Care Services In Rural Ethiopia Child-Friendly Budgeting
A Study on the Feasibility of Health Insurance Schemes For Community Based Groups' In Addis Ababa City: A Case Study On Iddirs'.
The Enforcement of Commercial Contracts in Ethiopia
Inflation and Economic Growth: An Estimate of the Threshold Level of Inflation for Ethiopia
Social Entrepreneurship as a Vehicle of Social Change: Generating Profits to Make a Difference in Peoples' Lives
Urbanization and Fertility Rates in Ethiopia
Household Demand for Improved Solid Waste Management Service in Ethiopia: The Case of Bahir Dar City
The Impact of the Rural Capacity Building Project On Farm Household Efficiency In Ethiopia