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Household Demand for Improved Water Supply Service In Ethiopia: The Case Of Sodo Town
Factors Infulencing Utilization of Family Planning Information by Rural Households: The Case of Kombolcha District, Ethiopia
Impact of rural income transfer schemes in Ethiopia: a recursive dynamic comptable general equilibrium approach
Determinants of Export Performance in Ethiopia: A Var Model Analysis
Exploring the Possibility Of Implementing Inflation Targeting Approach In Ethiopia: An Empirical Analysis
Reforms and Their Implications on the Revenue Productivity of the Ethiopian Tax System
Semi-Subsistence Households: Accounting For Home Production for Home Consumption
The Impact of Joining the Comesa Fta On The Ethiopian Economy: The Case Of The Manufacturing Industry
The Inflation - Economic Growth Nexus in Ethiopia
Climate Change and Variability: implications for Household Food Security in Agro Pastoral Areas of Jijiga District, Eastern Ethiopia
Economic Benefits and Returns to Rural Feeder Roads: Evidence from a Quasi-Experimental Setting in Ethiopia
Analysis of Households’ Willingness to Pay for Electricity Connection Options in Rural Areas of Ethiopia: Implication for Cost Recovery
Structural Transformation in Cereal Markets: evidence from Ethiopia
Impact of Knowledge on Purchasing Weather Index Insurance in Major Drought Prone Areas: case Of Adi Ha Tabia, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
Determinants of Agricultural Intensification by Smallholder Farmers in Northeast Ethiopia: The Case of Dessie Zuria District
Economic Efficiency of Mixed Crop-Livestock Production System in the North Eastern Highlands of Ethiopia: the Stochastic Frontier Approach
Determinants of Farmers’ Participation in Local Seed Multiplication and Extent of Its Adoption: the Case of Womberma and Guagusa Shekudad Woredas of Amhara National Regional State
Impact of Foreign Remittance on Household Wellbeing: the Case of Gondar City, Ethiopia
Ethiopia and Sustainability: a Comprehensive Wealth Accounting Perspective
Price Dynamics in Ethiopia: var Modeling Approach
Short-Run Behavior of Defensive Assets in the Ethiopian Commercial Banking Sector
Financial and Economic Analysis of Ethanol Production from Sugar Molasses: a Case Study of an Integrated Sugar Plant in Ethiopia Sugar Molasses: a Case Study Of An Integrated Sugar Plant In Ethiopia
Growth Potential and Business Constraints of Micro and Small Enterprises in South Wollo Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Trade Liberalization and Sectoral Export Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa: a Panel Data Analysisca: A Panel Data Analysis
State of Budget Accountability and Transparency in Africa