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International conference

Economic Policy Reform and The poor in Rural Ethiopia: the case of ADA district
Aid and the Dutch-Disease in Ethiopia
Affordability and willingness to pay for Improved Water Supply: the Case of Nazreth Town
Agricultural Growth and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia
Tree planting for poverty reduction in less-favored area of the Ethiopians Highlands
Households' willingness Resettle and preference to forms of compensation for Improving Sulum Areas in Addis Ababa
Social Fund and Poverty Reduction with Reference to the Ethiopian Social rehabilitation and Development Fund (ESRDF)
International Competitiveness and the Business Climate in Ethiopia: results from a Survey of Business Leaders
Attending School, Two "Rs" and child work in Rural Ethiopia
Market Access and Marketing of Tef: the case of West Shewa zone
Benefit Incidence of Public Sector Expenditures in Ethiopia: The Case of Education and Health
The Determinates of primary school enrolment in Ethiopia: evidence from Tree Household surveys
Ethiopian peasants and Development
Positive Externalities to Investments in Education: The Case of Fertility and Contraceptive use
Africa in the age of Globalization
Factor price and Agricultural Production in Sub-Saharan Africa
A critical Description of the Accounting of Pension Contributions: Its potential Benefits to the Ethiopian Programme of social security
The Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector: Structure, Growth and Efficiency
How Hokkaido Become the largest Rice producer in Japan: implications for Agro based Development strategies in Africa
Socio-economic and Environmental Effects of Age Transition in Ethiopia: 1950-2000
Globalization and Africa's Development Agenda from the WTO to NEPAD
Technical Efficiency of peasant farmers in Northern Ethiopia: a stochastic frontier approach
The Economics of Education: Conceptual Frameworks
Economic Growth and investment Nexus in Ethiopia
Quadratic Food Engel Curves with Measurement Error: evidence from a budget survey