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Economic focus

Economic Focus : V.8, No.1, April, 2005 : Youth and Development in Ethiopia
Economic Focus : V.7, No.6, March, 2005 : Energy and Development in Ethiopia.
Economic Focus : V.7, No.5, February, 2005 : The Role of the elite in bringing about peace, democracy and development: today and tomorrow in Ethiopia
Economic Focus : V.7, No.4, January, 2005 : The Optimum population size: an alternation approach to reducing population growth
Economic Focus : V.7, No.3, December, 2004 : Information Communication technology and development in Ethiopia
Economic Focus : V.7, No.2, June, 2004 : Some reflections on culture and development in Ethiopia
Economic Focus : V.7, No.1, May, 2004 : The Role of Ethiopia's Foreign policy in the Building of a prosperous and democratic Ethiopia Within the next Quarter-Century.
Economic Focus : V.6, No.6, April, 2004 : The Link Between political leadership and development
Economic Focus : V.6, No.5, March, 2004 : From a nature dependent to knowledge driven Economy: Ethiopia in the year 2020
Economic Focus : V.6, No.4, February, 2004 : Rule of Law and Development in Ethiopia: Now and Twenty-five years from Now
Economic Focus : V.6, No.3, January, 2004 : Economic governance and Ethiopia's Development - Some reflections, Promoting stability in the Horn of Africa
Economic Focus : V.6, No.2, November, 2003 : Vision 2020: Whiter Ethiopia
Economic Focus : V.6, No.1, October, 2003 : Enhancing prosperity: Ethiopia after twenty years
Economic Focus : V.5, No.6, September, 2003 : Envisioning A socially Developed Ethiopia
Economic Focus : V.5, No.5, August, 2003 : reaking the cycle of recurrent Famine in Ethiopia: Natural Resources Management and Drought Related Famine Prevention
Economic Focus : V.5, No.5, August, 2003 : Ethiopia's environmental condition: Today and twenty-Five years from now
Economic Focus : V.5, No.4, 3-Jul : Ethiopia's fate after one generation
Economic Focus : V.5, No.3, June, 2003 : What did we dream? What did we achieve? And where are we heading?
Economic Focus : V.5, No.2, July - Aug. 2002 : ICT Development in Ethiopia
Economic Focus : V.5, No.1, May - June 2002 : Income tax proclamation