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Annual conference

Investment Promotion and Incentives in Ethiopia
Agricultural Supply Response to structural adjustment policies: the pricsist versus structuralist views in the ethiopian context.
Economic efficiency of food grain marketing in southern Ethiopia after the march 1990 reform.
The Economic reform programme of Ethiopia
Possible Impacts of Structural adjustment programme on the Health Care Service System
Recent trends in the Development of Manufacturing Industries in ethiopia
Discussion on draft economic policy of transitional government
The Role of the state and the private sector under Economic Liberalization
Efficiency of Ethiopian Public Manufacturing Enterprises and the Policy Environment.
A review of Macroeconomic Imbalances in the Ethiopian Economy in the 1980s and recent Years
Profile of the Private Sector in Ethiopia
The State of small-Scale Industries in Ethiopia: Problems and policy issues
Structural adjustment Programs: an overview of the conceptual framework
The Commercial Road Transport Sector in Ethiopia: Performance, problems and future prospects
Stabilization, Rehabilitation and Structural Adjustment in Ethiopia's Economy : a look at linkages between reform measures
Energy and Economic Growth in Ethiopia
Perspectives on the sequencing and speed of Economic Reform in Ethiopia
Food people Eat: the energy economics of injera and wot
Post- devaluation Ethiopian Economy: From Stagflation to stagflation
Highlights on the State of Ethiopia External Trade and its Growth implications
Methodological issues in the construction of effective exchange rates
Export Instability and Economic Growth in Ethiopia
Is the Ethiopia Birr over valued? A Preliminary Assessment and Policy Implications
An Overview of Ethiopia's Planning Experience
Trends in Government Expenditure Finance