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Annual conference

Aspects of Poverty in the City of Addis Ababa: Profile and Policy Implications
Determinants of Private Investment: a Review
Should animal Health Service in Ethiopia Be Privatized?
Poverty and Nutritional Status in Urban Ethiopia
Financial Support Programmes for the Informal Sector: some lessons from experience.
Land Tenure: Theory and Policy issues in Ethiopia
Adjustment and the Poor in Ethiopia: lessons on Targeting and Design of Social Support Programmes
Transforming Peasant Agriculture: a conceptual framework
The nature of Share-Cropping in Ethiopia: Some preliminary observations.
The Role of Credit in the Informal Sector for Poverty Alleviation
An Assessment of Ethiopia's Agricultural Land resources.
Rural Credit in Ethiopia
Credit to Poor Households: the Case of Financing Micro-enterprises in the Debre Berhan
Strategies and Macroeconomic Policies for the Development of the private sector in Ethiopia
Population Pressure, Agricultural Land Fragmentation and Land Use: a case study of Dale and shashemene weredas, southern Ethiopia.
Agricultural Research and extension in Ethiopia: an overview.
Market reform and Welfare in Ethiopia: food-grain Prices, the Poor and the State
Privatization in Ethiopia: Issues in Modalities, Sequencing and Timing
Environment, Population and Agricultural Development in Ethiopia
Issues in the Measurement and Dynamics of Poverty: a survey
Small-scale Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development in Ethiopia: concepts, Definitions and Major Issues
Privatization and Valuation of public enterprise
Food shortages and Household coping strategies by Income Groups:a case study of Wolaita district in southern Ethiopia.
Demographic Characteristics of Poor Households in Urban Ethiopia: the Case of Dire Dawa Town
Small and Rural Industries: An Area of Emphasis