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Annual conference

Gender inequalities in the Ethiopian Public sector
The Development of the Microfinance industry in Ethiopia: performance, problems and prospects.
Institutional Aspects of Reforming the Financial sector: the case of regulating banking in post-reform Ethiopia
Market Access and Food Security in the pastoral area of Ethiopia
Indigenous Land Tenure Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa Countries: a survey and implications for Ethiopia
Institutions and Local Development in Ethiopia: the case of Easr shewa.
The Prospects and Problems of Small-Scale Irrigation schemes in Alleviating Poverty: the experience from Tigray
The Role of Education in the choice of Activities and Alleviation of income poverty in Rural Ethiopia
The Significance of linking informal and Formal Financial institutions for Development.
Towards explaining some Distortions in Agriculture- Industry intersectoral Linkage
Off-Farm Employment and Income inequality: the implication for poverty reduction strategy
Profile of Ethiopia's External Trade
Financing Micro and Small-scale Enterprises in Urban Ethiopia
Human Resources Management in the Ethiopian Public Sector
Globalization and Ethiopian Economic Development
Micro-Business Development in Ethiopia
Agricultural Manpower Training in Ethiopia
Foreign Direct Investment as an instrument to economic integration: an assessment of the ethiopian situation since 1991
Constraints to Women Entrepreneurs in the Informal Sector: the case of women traders in addis Ababa markets.
The Pros an Cons of the human Development index
Second and Third Level Manpower demand Projections (1994 - 2000)
The Impact of external shocks and Northern Policy on Africa: Simulation result based on global economic model of Africa (AFRIMOD)
Small-scale Grain Milling Industry in Ethiopia: A Survey
Highlight on the historical evaluation of Ethiopia's population: Growth distribution and Direction of Population change
A conceptual Framework: the new Institutional Economics