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Proceedings of the First Regional Conference of the Amhara Regional State Economic Development
The Road To Long -Term Social Protection: The Case Of Amhara Region Productive Safety Net Programme
Fertility Decisions of Households in Response to Environmental Goods Scarcity: The Case of Sekota District, Wag Himra Administrative Zone of the Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Wheat Technologies from Where To Where? The Case of East Gojjam Zone Of Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Tenure Security and Soil Conservation Investment Decisions: Empirical Evidence from East Gojam, Ethiopia
The Contribution of Sida Amhara Rural Development Program to Poverty Reduction in Amhara Region: Approaches, Achievements and Challenges
Contract Farming: Theoretical Concepts, Opportunities and Challenges in Mid and High Altitude Areas of Northwestern Ethiopia
Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Should animal Health Service in Ethiopia Be Privatized?
Land Tenure: Theory and Policy issues in Ethiopia
The nature of Share-Cropping in Ethiopia: Some preliminary observations.
Transforming Peasant Agriculture: a conceptual framework
Rural Credit in Ethiopia
An Assessment of Ethiopia's Agricultural Land resources.
Agricultural Research and extension in Ethiopia: an overview.
Population Pressure, Agricultural Land Fragmentation and Land Use: a case study of Dale and shashemene weredas, southern Ethiopia.
Environment, Population and Agricultural Development in Ethiopia
Food shortages and Household coping strategies by Income Groups:a case study of Wolaita district in southern Ethiopia.
Structural adjustment policy and Ethiopia Agriculture :An assessment of short-run response and structural problems
Impact of Macro-Economic Polices on the Production of Wheat in Ethiopia
The Impact of Macroeconomic Policy Reforms on Agriculture.
The Performance of Ethiopia's Agricultural Exports: 1074-91