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Proceedings of the First annual conference on the Ethiopian Economy
public policy, markets and technical progress in grain plough culture
Financing Government Agricultural Expenditure in Ethiopia
Economic reform and agricultural deco-operativsation in Ethiopia: implications for agricultural production in the 1990s
A Review of Post-1974 Monetary policy in Ethiopia
Rural credit and peasant indebtedness: a case study in north shewa
Investment Promotion and Incentives in Ethiopia
Economic efficiency of food grain marketing in southern Ethiopia after the march 1990 reform.
The Economic reform programme of Ethiopia
Recent trends in the Development of Manufacturing Industries in ethiopia
Discussion on draft economic policy of transitional government
Efficiency of Ethiopian Public Manufacturing Enterprises and the Policy Environment.
The State of small-Scale Industries in Ethiopia: Problems and policy issues
The Commercial Road Transport Sector in Ethiopia: Performance, problems and future prospects
Energy and Economic Growth in Ethiopia
Proceedings of the First International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Social Capital: the Nexus of Human Capital, Spatial organization and Institutional Arrangements
Prices in the Measurement of Food Poverty in Urban Ethiopia
Implications of Poverty on Child Work in Rural Ethiopia
Ethiopia and Regional Economic Blocs: its experience with Trade Integration in COMESA
Poverty profile and Livelihood Diversification in Rural Ethiopia: Implications to poverty Reduction
Exports and Economic growth in Ethiopia: an Empirical Investigation


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