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Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Perspectives on the sequencing and speed of Economic Reform in Ethiopia
Post- devaluation Ethiopian Economy: From Stagflation to stagflation
Methodological issues in the construction of effective exchange rates
Is the Ethiopia Birr over valued? A Preliminary Assessment and Policy Implications
Trends in Government Expenditure Finance
Fiscal Deficits and the Monetary Sector in Ethiopia: implications from reform
Financial Reforms, Domestic Resource Mobilization and Credit policy in Ethiopia Privatization
A Glimpse of Privatization and the Private Sector in Ethiopia
The Impact of Policy Implications of Privatization in Ethiopia
Privatization and Deregulation in Ethiopian Industry : problems, prospects and impact on the economy
The New Investment Law: Basic Feature s and Limitations with reference to the industrial sector
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Hunger, Poverty and Famine in Ethiopia: Mothers and Babies under Stress
Investors' willingness to pay for urban Land: The case of Addis Ababa city
Trends of Ethnic Conflicts in post 1991 Ethiopia
Problems and prospects of implementing VAT in Ethiopia
On the Determinants of Domestic Saving in Ethiopia
Elite consolidation, Peace Development and Democracy
Assessment on the Value Added Tax implementation in Ethiopia
The role of official Development Assistance (ODA) in Economic Development: the Case of South Korea
Governance, Economic Environment and international competitiveness in Ethiopia