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Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Power, Poverty And Wealth In Rural Ethiopia
Challenges Of Implementing The Productive Safety Net Programme (Psnp)
Footwear Clusters In Addis Ababa
A Simultaneous Random Effect Model Of Poverty And Child Bearing: Evidence From Ethiopia
Privatization And Its Influence On Deficits
Seasonality In Income, Expenditure And Food Deficiency : The Case Of Four Rural Villages In Ethiopia
Tourism In Ethiopia: Quo Vadis?
Impact Of Cash Cropping And Perennial Crops On Food Crop Production And Productivity.
Proceedings of the Ninth Annual conference on the Ethiopian economy
Institutional Aspects of Reforming the Financial sector: the case of regulating banking in post-reform Ethiopia
Institutions and Local Development in Ethiopia: the case of Easr shewa.
The Significance of linking informal and Formal Financial institutions for Development.
The Electric Sector in Ethiopia: Policy, Performance and Problems
Institutional constraints to input marketing in Ethiopia: the case of fertilizer.
Technical and institutional aspects of innovations: evidence from vertisol technology developemnt and transfer in Ethiopia.
The Problems of Institutionalization in Modern Ethiopia: a historical perspective
Indigenous Common Property resource Management: case from Wello and North Shewa.
Land reform: Revisiting the public Versus Private Ownership Controversy
Thriving informal Land Markets and Patterns of Entitlement Redistribution among peasant households.
Farmers' Willingness to pay for Tenure security
Civil Society: some theoretical and Conceptual issues