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Economic Impacts of COVID-19 and Response Measures in Ethiopia

Economic impacts Assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic is being conducted jointly by the Planning and Development Commission and the Ethiopian Economics Association. The study assesses the economic impacts of the pandemic on the Ethiopian economy and the population over time, and seeks to offer realistic response options for the Federal and Regional governments, private sector, Ethiopia’s international partners, and the public. Provisional report is expected shortly while a detailed and iterative report will be issued over the coming period.

Through this message, we request all members of the Ethiopian Economics Association to provide suggestions about how Ethiopia might be able to respond to during and aftermath of the COVID-19. We are at a critical juncture, and we are in it collectively. We ask you to send your suggestions and contributions to one of the following key personnel of the EEA: Professor Mengistu Ketema (;Dr. DegyeHabteyesus (; Demirew Getachew (, or  Dr. Getachew Diriba (


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