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Invitation to Training on “Census and Survey Processing System"

Invitation to Training on

“Census and Survey Processing System” (CSPRo)


Organized by: IFPRI and EEA, Addis Ababa

Date: July 25-27, 2018


Venue: EEA, Addis Ababa


The training is organized by IFPRI-ESSP and EEA. This short-term course is intended to introduce participants to the Census and Survey Processing System and engage them to understand the basics of data entry using CSPRo software.  The course takes the participants in an active process of learning the basics of CSPRo. In due process, the participants gradually learn how to use the software and apply itin their work.

Structure: The course is structured into the following:

  • Introduction
  • CSPro Tutorial
  • Exercise 1: Create a Data Entry Application
  • Exercise 2: Create the Data Dictionary
  • Exercise 3: Create the Data Entry Forms
  • Exercise 4: Enter Data
  • Exercise 5: Add Edits to the Data Entry Application
  • Exercise 6: CAPI questions and texts
  • More practical exercise on the following Item lists
  • Merging or Concatenating Cspro data
  • Exporting cspro data
  • Prepare one model questionnaire for exercise

What we expect of the participant at the end of the course: At the end of the course, participants should be able to work with CSPRo software to enter, edit, tabulate, and disseminating census and survey data.

Preferred requirement: As a prerequisite to this short-term course, participants are expected to have taken a minimum of BA level course in economics/statistic/development studies. Participants with graduate level studies in the aforementioned fields would be more suitable. Participants are also expected to come with their laptops in order to work on the software. Light refreshment will be provided for the training days.

Anyone who fulfills the above criteria should send their CV and confirm participation by sending an e-mail to Ethiopia Abate at eatemesgen@gmail.comor by calling 0115-506066 on or before June 15, 2018. Please be informed that due to limited space we will take your confirmations on “first come first serve” basis