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Determinats of farmers’ preference for adoption strategies to climate change: evedience from Shoa Robit area, North Shoa zone of Amahra region, Ethiopia



Studies on climate change adaptation emphasize the importance of agroecology level researches for designing contextual policies and programs to climate change. This case-study, therefore, Examined farmers preference for climate change adaptation strategies and the factors deriving their preference.Thus, households preference for five types of climate change strategies is identified and the determinants of the preference are analyzed using Rank-Ordered Logit Model. The result shows that multiple cropping is the most preferred adaptation strategy to climate change, while livestock production is the least. It also indicates that farmers’ preference for the climate change adaptation strategies is influenced by different household and farm level characteristics, institutional factors and their perceptions to climate change. Thus, policies and programs with the aim of reducing climate change impacts through adaptation need to consider important roles of these factors. Although adaptation is one mechanism for reducing the negative impacts of climate change, barriers such as lack of information or knowledge, shortage of money, shortage of land, and unsuitability of land and poor potential for irrigation are challenging farmers to apply it. Therefore, strengthening efforts of these constraints is suggested to enhance farmers adaptation capacity and thus adaptation to climate change.

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Ethiopia Economics Association (EEA)
Ethiopia Economics Association (EEA)
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Adaptation Strategies

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Rank-Ordered; Logit Model

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Ethiopia - North Shoa zone of Amahra region
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Climate change
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330.963 PRO 2014
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Proceedings of the Fifth Regional Conference of the Amhara Regional State Economic Development
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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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